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San Francisco airport

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Getting to San Francisco - Airport SFO a major airport for a big city

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the gateway to Northern California and the American West. Currently 23 international airlines offer nonstop service from 32 cities around the world while domestic airlines and 21 secure connections with more than 65 cities in the U.S. The train station Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is in the airport's international terminal and connects the airport to downtown San Francisco in 30 minutes or less. The line also connects the eastern and southern parts of San Francisco. A Center site car rental pickup or delivery facilitates the rental car. AirTrain is a free service that connects Metro Mini terminals including garages and car rental center. Wireless Internet access is available in all terminals, and some of the most popular restaurants in San Francisco have outlets at the airport.

The Centres are located at the airport in the arrivals level of each terminal, travelers providing all essential information on ground transportation options such as buses, taxis and other services links, as well as all activities in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Multilingual staff and interpreters are available via a dedicated phone line. For complete information on airport services, ground transportation, shops and restaurants click on the links below ..

Information on arrivals and international departures and U.S. Customs requirements

Maps Services, Shops and Restaurants

Ground transportation options with indications of collection sites and drop in SFO airport

Check Information on arrivals and departures, find information about flight schedules and airlines serving the SFO.


Main contact telephone numbers of the airport.


About the airport

Check arrivals and departures, find information about flight schedules and airlines serving the SFO.

At the airport, you'll enjoy the airport services that go far beyond the ordinary. Everything you need for the trip is in nte. Service CliePassenger Care Services

If you are looking for a light snack or a relaxing meal, you can enjoy delicious options at the airport. And if shopping is your pleasure, you will appreciate the variety of bookstores, gift shops and boutiques. Shopping and Dining.

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