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Annual Events

California Travel Guide

Annual Events in California is a full time calendar to join and enjoy

Annual Events in California happen every day all the year. Just find your interest and join the best events in the world.
Whale Watching festival California Whale WatchingWhale Watching festival California
Tofu Festival Tofu Festival is a travel to the best tasty paradise Tofu Festival
The Coachella Festival in California Coachella is an annual three-day music and arts festivalThe Coachella Festival in California
St. Spyridon Festival in Upland St. Spyridon Festival in Upland at August is a taste of ancient GreeceSt. Spyridon Festival in Upland
Rose Parade Tournament of Roses take place in pasadena the first day of the new yearRose Parade
Rose Bowl Flea Market Rose Bowl Flea MarketRose Bowl Flea Market
Persian Food Festival Persian Food Festival take place in California in AprilPersian Food Festival
Pasadena Greek Fest Pasadena Greek Fest is a Greek festival in CaliforniaPasadena Greek Fest
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest is a festival take place in October in CaliforniaOktoberfest
Monterey Park Lantern Festival Monterey Park Lantern Festival in CaliforniaMonterey Park Lantern Festival
Minimalist Jukebox Festival Minimalist Jukebox Festival is a music event not to miss in LA MarchMinimalist Jukebox Festival
Memorial Day Parade Memorial Day Parade in California is the paradeMemorial Day Parade
Kingdom Day Parade Kingdom Day Parade in January is a celebration of freedomKingdom Day Parade
Firecracker Run Firecracker Run foot race begins in Chinatown, benefiting the Need 2 Read Literacy Program. Firecracker Run
Festival de San Valentin Festival de San Valentin is a happy day with south American people culture in California every FebruaryFestival de San Valentin
Evevts in California Events & Happenings in California-California is always something happening.Evevts in California
EROS Day Party The EROS Day Party take place the first week of January in CaliforniaEROS Day Party
Easter Sunrise at Hollywood Bowl Easter Sunrise at Hollywood Bowl is a panoramic nature event in CaliforniaEaster Sunrise at Hollywood Bowl
Cinco de Mayo Festivals Cinco de Mayo Festivals is a festival of Mexican food and not onlyCinco de Mayo Festivals
Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival Chinese New Year & Lantern Festival take place in JanuaryChinese New Year and Lantern Festival
AmericaFest Festival AmericaFest take place in California every JulyAmericaFest Festival
Academy Awards Ceremony - Oscars Academy Awards Ceremony is well known in the most wold as OscarsAcademy Awards Ceremony - Oscars
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