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Essential Information for the Visitor

California Travel Directory - Public Services

Information for Visitors: The Visitor Information Center is staffed with multilingual service to visitors.

Usefull information for Visitors of California area. The Visitor Information Center is staffed with multilingual service to visitors. Hours: May to October, Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 on weekends and holidays from 9 to 15, from November to April, Monday to Friday from 9-17, Saturday 9-15, closed on Sunday . Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. 900 Market St., in the lower level of Hallidie Plaza, next to the tram terminus at Powell and Market Sts.
San Francisco has a maritime climate and enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. Temperatures seldom exceed 70F (21C), and not going below 40F (5C). Mists morning or evening during the summer months, but rarely are persistent.
What to wear
Visitors will feel at will if take a light jacket or an overcoat to keep warm at night. Layering is our best advice. Light summer clothing is rarely practice in San Francisco.
Currency Exchange
33 New Montgomery St, 94105-4506, 415-624-0772, Monday through Friday 9-18, Saturday 9-14
Foreign Exchange Office, Central Terminal, International Building, San Francisco International Terminal, 650-742-8079. Suitable for passengers arriving or leaving the city. 7 - to 23 daily.
345 Montgomery St., 94104, 45-622-2451.
Located between Pine and California Sts, Monday to Friday from 9 to 18.
1 California St., 94111 415-396-2779 (office) - Fax: 415-989-7534
Broadway-Grant Office, 1160 Grant Ave, 94133 415-396-2744
Crocker Office One Montgomery St, 94104 415-396-7152
333 Market St., 28th Floor 94105 415-371-6542 (office)
Using the Telephone in San Francisco
The area code for San Francisco is 415. Codes 510 and 925 of the area include Alameda and Contra Costa in the East Bay, the area code 650 includes San Mateo County and the airport.

To call numbers outside the 415 area code, callers must dial 1 plus the area code and the seven digit number. Most phones in the city require 50 cents to make a local call, some phone cards also accepted.

Codes 800, 866, 877 and 888 allow free calls (toll free).
Restrictions on alcohol and snuff
In California it is illegal to snuff smoking in any public space and meeting inclusos parks, restaurants and bars, shops and office buildings. Also note that some hotels in San Francisco are completely non-smoking. Please respect the designated areas for smokers. The legal drinking age in San Francisco is 21 years.
The service of the restaurant is not included in the bill. Tipping is the 15/18 percent of the total. It is commonly used in the U.S. Also tipping the bartenders and taxi drivers, on average 10 to 15%. In hotels and at the airport given the boot average tip $ 1 per bag.
Taxes (sales and hotel)
The sales tax is 8.5 percent, taxes and hotel rates are 15.5 percent.

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Essential Information for the Visitor
Information for Visitors: The Visitor Information Center is staffed with multilingual service to visitors.

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