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Getting around San Francisco

California Travel Directory - Public Services

Getting around San Francisco California

San Francisco offers an extensive network of public transportation, the "Muni". The trams, cable cars, buses and subways of "Muni" represent an easy and inexpensive way to explore the attractions of San Francisco. The fare for buses and trams is currently $ 1.50.

Transport system maps can be purchased at the Information Center located in the Visitors Hallidie Plaza (Market St & Powell St.) All detailed information are also available online at

Multi-Ride Tickets
If you use public transportation during your stay, a pass usable for more than a day is a good choice. Passes are available for one, three and seven days, which allow unlimited travel during the designated dates and can be used for all Muni transport, including trams. The multi-day passes can be purchased at the Information Centre for visitors to San Francisco in the terminals and trams in many businesses. Note that you need to pay exact change for every individual trips.

A walk in these historic vehicles of San Francisco is something you can not miss. You can move up the terminal or elsewhere along its route where there is a stop sign white and brown. There are three main tram lines: California, Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason. The fare for the tram is $ 5 per trip.

Muni Metro
Muni Metro Trams are underground in the city center and street level in areas outside the center. Each line in the Muni Metro is identified with a letter (T-Third, N-Judah, etc..) Ride from downtown San Francisco to many suburbs.

Muni's F Line - Historical Tram
Vintage Electric trams are a favorite destination for visitors and residents. These trams have been collected from around the world. The F Line stops tram can be found every few blocks along Market Street and The Embarcadero between Castro and Fisherman's Wharf, often in the vicinity of the glass stops buses.

Buses are a great way to get to any part of San Francisco. The stops are usually located on every block. Each bus route is numbered. The bus route maps are at the stops, and the route is in the front, side and back of each bus.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART - Rapid Transit Bay Area) connects the San Francisco International Airport with the city center in less than 30 minutes. BART service in the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is located in the International Terminal and takes passengers to / from four downtown stations for only $ 5.35 each way. BART trains also travel out of town to Berkeley, Oakland and many other surrounding communities. For more information about BART visit

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Getting around San Francisco
Getting around San Francisco California

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