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Restaurants in California

California Travel Directory - Restaurants

Here are some general rules to remember when you visit an American restaurant

Restaurant visit to the U.S.

Although the USA is considered the land of opportunity, some tips you should take when visiting the United States at heart in restaurants during your trip to the U.S., it pays to heed some advice.

General admission

In American restaurants, there is no free choice. When you walk into a restaurant that is rapidly coming to a host or a service representative to guide you to an appropriate place.

Table manners

Also at the table manners are different from the practice in Europe: It is not fitting during the meal the knife permanently to hold in your hand. Therefore, the food is cut into bite-size pieces and eaten with the right hand with a fork. The knife is again set aside and left hand disappears under the table on your lap.

Even if the other people at the table with your meal are not ready yet, plates are dumped once you eaten. In the U.S., it is not common, according to the finished meal for some time to stop at the restaurant, it is even considered rude.
Concerning alcohol in restaurants have different dispensing policies. In many places it is allowing guests as a good bottle of wine to bring to the restaurant itself.

Bill and tip

If all the people present have finished their meal, the bill is automatically by the service staff brought to the table. It is not necessary to order the bill itself. It should be noted that there is a collective bill and the separate payment is undesirable in American restaurants. The most common method of payment in the U.S. is paying by credit card. Should you be in possession of such, it is recommended to use this also. Net prices on the menus are listed, so you can average 10 percent sales tax credit for a net price, which depends on the exact impact upon the State.

The basic salary of the service personnel in the U.S. is relatively low. Therefore, does the height of the tip or the "Tips" for much common in Europe and is a generous amount. Average tip should be as height as 15 to 20 percent of the total payment. Remember to Pay in cash, you can simply leave the tip on the table, card fees, the amount raised by the simple tip. Self-service restaurants or fast food chains are here except of course.

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