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The Four NBA Teams in California

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Clippers,Warriors,Sacramento kings and Los Angeles Lakers are the 4 NBA teams in California

In America there are many ball games, which are very popular there. In addition to American football and baseball is basketabll especially. The North American professional basketball league is well known as NBA is the full name of the league, is considered the strongest and most popular basketball league game in the world. It currently consists of 30 different teams. Only 4 of them are from California.
The 4 teams from California

These 4 teams are:

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angelas Clippers
Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings

This raises California, most teams in the league and can thus be described as quasi-state NBA. One reason is that the Los Angeles Lakers with 16 championships won the second most successful team are behind the Boston Celtics for decades and every year to compete for the title. The team in yellow and purple is the world's one of the hallmarks of the league and the city of Los Angeles. Over the years, had the Lakers. Several NBA superstars under contract such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant The latter has been playing since 1996, continuously and exclusively for the Lakers and has led the team at this time for the championship 5 times. Bryant is also captain of the team, which is coached by Mike Brown. With about 900 million, the Lakers are also the most expensive franchises in the NBA.

In addition to the Lakers with the Los Angeles Clippers also plays a second team in the same city, which is a novelty in the league otherwise. Both teams share the Staples Center as a venue. While the Lakers, as a successful and spectacular team, as the team of Hollywood stars and glamor apply, the Clippers were the years of the gray mouse league and likely to be found at the bottom of the table. The club was founded in 1970 under the name Buffalo Braves and was originally housed on the east coast. It was decided, however, in 1983 to move to Los Angeles, because it offered a better market. To date, the team was able to white-red never win a championship. Only with the commitment of the flagship of Athletics Blake Griffin and point guard Chris Paul, the team found a spectacular and successful style of play and could even move into the playoffs. Its current head coach is Vinny Del Negro.

The third of the four teams are the Golden State Warriors. These are in Oakland, the neighboring city of San Francisco, is home. Your name refers to the gold rush of 1849. The club was one of the founding members of the NBA and was founded in 1946 by Eddie Gottlob. Overall, during this time they could still win 3 championships. Its current head coach is Mark Jackson.

The fourth team, the Sacramento Kings and, as the name suggests, located in California's capital of Sacramento. They were founded in 1948 as the Rochester Royals and were originally located on the east coast. Was lifted but over time more and more to the west. The team won only one championship to date and that in 1951 in the early years of the team. Your venue is the Power Balance Pavilion. The Kings are also more likely than insignificant and ineffective team. Only the turn of the millennium, the Kings had a brief heyday as they 2001, with stars such as Chris Webber, Mike Bibby and Vlade Divac, could move into the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. In this NBA semi-final they lost but the decisive seventh game against the Lakers, who moved in then in the NBA Finals.

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